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August 11

Natural Awareness - Online Daylong Retreat

Woman with singing bowlPractical Information

Location: Online via Zoom
Marjolein Janssen
Sunday August 11, 2024
10 AM – 4 PM (EST) / 7 AM – 1 PM (PST) / 4 PM – 10 PM (CET)
Suggested Donation:
$15 – $150. All are welcome, no donation required. You donations support Marjolein to continue offering these teachings. Please give as feels appropriate and generous for you. Please delight in your generosity and know that the dharma continues to be offered to you and others through our collective acts of sharing. (No one will be turned away for lack of funds.)


Inspired by the teachings of the Burmese monk Sayadaw U Tejaniya, we delve into mindfulness, curiosity, and receptivity. Let us gently shift our focus from striving for specific outcomes to welcoming the richness of each moment as it unfolds. Through cultivating open awareness, we invite ourselves to intimately connect with the present, acknowledging its joys and challenges with equanimity.

Sayadaw U Tejaniya: ”You have to play, play with awareness and the mind. Then it becomes very interesting. Use your know-how and wit. If meditation feels like a responsibility, it’ll just be a burden. Create your world. It’s a game called Master Mind.”

Registration: fill out the form. (This link goes to Marjolein’s website, the website might be slow to load)

August 18

Ekoji Sangha Day

HeartsPractical Information

Location: Ekoji Buddhist Sangha (Google Maps)
Sunday August 18, 2024
1:00 – 5:00 PM


It is almost time for our annual(ish) Sangha Day celebration!

Ekoji is one of the only multi-denominational Buddhist Sanghas of its kind in the United States. Sangha Day is a time to have fun and celebrate that diversity. All members, their families and friends, and the public at large are invited to enjoy food, music and other fun activities at Ekoji. Optional: bring something for the Potluck!

This year’s celebration will be on Sunday August 18th, 2024, from 1:00 to 5:00 PM.

🌸 Offer your support in setting up tents, arranging tables, etc. Your contribution will make a world of difference! Email info@imcrva.org for more details. 🌸

Sept 4-8

The Path of Insight - Fall Retreat

Practical Information

***Note: the retreat is full, you are encouraged to sign up for the waitlist, as cancellations do happen.***

Wednesday September 4 – Sunday September 8, 2024 (5 days, 4 nights)
Start of the retreat: Wednesday September 4th, arrive by 6 PM
End of retreat: Sunday September 8th, at 11 AM
Location: Richmond Hill, Richmond, VA (Google Maps)
This retreat is offered freely, as a gift to those who attend—there is no cost. Donations by those who attend make it possible to pass this gift forward to others, so that these freely offered retreats can continue to be held in the future at IMCR.
Marjolein Janssen

We are delighted to hold our Fall Retreat at the Richmond Hill Retreat Center (RHRC), an urban oasis, located in the heart of historic Richmond, Virginia. Nestled atop Church Hill, the city’s highest point, Richmond Hill offers a serene sanctuary within the bustling urban landscape.

During our retreat at RHRC, we’ll be practicing sitting and walking meditation. There will also be meditation instructions, Dharma talks and a chance to discuss your practice with the teacher. The retreat is suitable for beginning as well as experienced meditators. Beginners are asked to familiarize themselves with Vipassana meditation on the page for beginners on our website.

At the heart of our exploration during this retreat lies the Satipatthana Sutta, a cornerstone teaching attributed to the Buddha. This profound discourse outlines the Four Foundations of Mindfulness, guiding us to cultivate a deep awareness of the body, feeling tones, mind, and phenomena.

***Note: the retreat is full, you are encouraged to sign up for the waitlist, as cancellations do happen.***

Registration consists of two parts; 1) filling out two registration forms, and 2) sending in a deposit:

Step 1: Registration Forms

In order to register for the retreat please fill out two forms. Please make sure to fill out both forms:

  1. The first form gathers practical information to organize the retreat. The teacher as well as a few volunteers who help organize the retreat will see those answers. After filling out this form, please come back to this page to click on the link for second form.
  2. The second form is a (short) questionnaire with questions for the teacher. This is a separate questionnaire so that we can record your answers privately; only the teacher will see those answers.

Step 2: Deposit

While this retreat is provided free of charge, we do ask for a $75 deposit via check to confirm your spot. This precaution helps us minimize cancellations and maintain a smooth scheduling process. Your check will only be cashed if: (1) you are accepted into the retreat and cancel after the cancellation deadline (two weeks before the start of the retreat, August 21st), or (2) you are accepted into the retreat and do not attend. We will shred all other checks promptly after the end of the retreat.

In order to complete your registration you will need to send your check promptly after completing your registration form.

Make checks out to: “Insight Meditation Community of Richmond“.
Send your check to:
Insight Meditation Community of Richmond
2914 E Broad St Apt A
Richmond, VA 23223

More Information
We have collected a ton information about this retreat into an Information Document, including retreat theme, practical information, information on the spirit of generosity that this retreat is held in, taking the eight precepts, and more. Please read this document carefully before registering.

Important to know: we will be taking the eight precepts. One of these precepts is to refrain from eating after lunch. It involves abstaining from food after lunch until the following dawn. If this is a challenge for you for medical or other reasons then please indicate this on your registration form.

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