Many of our members have found the resources available at these websites to be helpful as they’ve developed and deepened their practices. These resources are offered by the Theradavadin community and, as with all Buddha’s teachings, at no cost. Some of the links will lead you to translations of the Buddha’s original teachings, others to the writing of monastics and lay teachers who explain and expand on the teachings, and some to other vipassana sanghas and retreat centers.

Sutta Study

Some websites that offer English translations of the Buddha’s suttas (discourses) for free.

Other Sanghas and Retreat Centers

Local sanghas:

Retreat Centers:


  • In the Buddha’s Words – Bhikkhu Bodhi
  • Mindfulness – Joseph Goldstein
  • Eight Mindful Steps to Happiness – Bhante Gunaratana
  • Satipatthana: The Direct Path to Realization – Bhikkhu Analayo
  • When Awareness Becomes Natural – Sayadaw U Tejaniya
  • Real Happiness: The Power of Meditation – Sharon Salzberg
  • Loving Kindness – Sharon Salzberg
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