Mindful Practice of Wise Speech

Typically, during our weekly meetings, we engage in Dharma Discussion, these discussions are different than ordinary conversations. This form of dialogue offers us an opportunity to connect with one another, exchange our personal experiences with spiritual practice, and delve deeper into the practical application of the Buddha’s teachings.

The purpose of these guidelines is to enable everyone to comfortably participate and gain from the discussions. These guidelines are supportive principles for our practice, not rigid rules.

Usually the host of the meeting will read an abbreviated version aloud before the Dharma discussion.

People discussing

Discussion Guidelines

Speaking and listening can be a mindfulness practice. Try to practice mindfulness of body, speech, and mind during sharing
All that is shared is confidential
Speak from experience and avoid theoretical discussions
If you choose, you may Indicate your intention to speak by bowing, and indicate you have finished speaking by bowing
If you choose, you may say your name before speaking
Refrain from speaking a second time until everyone who wishes has had an opportunity to share
Practice taking a mindful breath after someone has shared, before sharing your own thoughts
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